Teaching Social Skills in your school is made easier with Hometrain's new manual of Curriculums and Resources

Hometrain's Social Skills Groups are running across Ireland - and now you can use these Curriculums in your facility - from Pre-schools, to Resource Teaching, ASD Class or Special School. There are programmes to suit everyone. Age Groups covered are:

  • Curriculum 1 - Pre-school 3-5's
  • Curriculum 2 - School Age 6-9's
  • Curriculum 3 is our new Pre-Teens Drama Group 'The Nest' for 10-13's

To view an outline of each Curriculum, go here.
To attend our next training Workshop, go here.

Using Hometrain's curriculums and manual in your school - the benefits for teachers:

  • Ready-made lesson plans for teaching social skills, and over 100 activities to create, or add to your social skills programme.
  • Pick and choose activities from all 3 curriculums to suit the needs of your students.
  • Cuts down on prep time searching for appropriate resources and new activities.
  • Staff training workshop included.
  • Membership to the Group Leaders Network - to share teaching ideas, activities and invitations to attend annual social skills workshop.

Benefits for Students who take part in Social Skills Sessions:

  • A new range of fun games and activities.
  • Learning and exploring essential social skills, including: greetings, listening, turn taking, sharing, playing, working together, eye contact, conversation skills and more.
  • The activities and resources teach new skills, helping with requesting and language.
  • Learning to speak in a group, understanding and talking about themselves.
  • Learn strategies to improve attention and behaviour skills in the classroom.

The manual 'Teaching Hometrain Social Skills Groups' includes:

  • 3 Curriculums for all ages and abilities: 3-5's 6-9's and 10-13's.
  • Information about how to run social skills groups/classes.
  • Activities list for developing your curriculums.
  • Resources - including activity sheets, games, songs, poems and colouring pages.
  • Administration forms and documents.
All presented on one CD - just print the resources you need to use.

Pre-School Childcare Facilities:

Our manual includes everything you need to run and develop a pre-school curriculum (1) to teach social skills to your students. Running a pre-school Social Skills Group in your facility has great benefits.
They are:

  • Introducing basic social skills and classroom routines.
  • Helps diminish problem behaviours when starting/attending your usual pre-school services.
  • Early intervention to give children with communication difficulties the best start for pre-school.
  • Improves your skills and services for working with special needs.
  • Provides an extra avenue for income and compliments your existing services.

You can either run a separate group for two hours, once a week, or include the curriculum activities into your services.

Other benefits: You will also be a member of the Group Leader Network for teaching Social Skills groups, learning from other teachers, exchanging good ideas and teaching activities. The fee includes attendance to a training workshop.